The Latest Gmail Features

Inbox by Gmail, one of the most popular apps for managing Gmail, has recently several important updates. Yet, this app allows you not only to manage your inbox, but also arrange your personal finance and get notifications about the important events in your calendar.

Inbox by Gmail

The inbox page in Inbox by Gmail

The most important update of Inbox by Gmail was released the last year, when Google allowed all users to freely download it – the users had to get an invite to download the app prior to the update.

Along with that update, Google also expended a number of places, trips and cab services available for booking. Another important feature is the new feature of smart reminders, which suggests you to turn on a reminder when someone entrusted you a task via Gmail.

After all, the latest updates of Inbox by Gmail aimed to improve its service of tracking events, saving & sharing links, and receiving as well as forwarding newsletters.

The newly-introduced “Save to Inbox” feature allows you to save links to specific articles or other type of content and get back to it once you need the content. Moreover, Google enabled a bundle inside Inbox, which gives you an opportunity to save all necessary links in just one place.

There are, however, several other important features one may be not aware of. An important feature available in Gmail is a possibility to mute group letters.

It sometimes happens that someone sends an email to a group, in which you are included too, and then every user in the group attempts to answer by clicking on the “Reply All” button. There is no need to say that it distracts you over and over. In order to avoid being bothered by such replies, go to that email thread. After clicking on the “More” button located in the upper part of the screen (just above the letter), give a click to the “Mute” option.

There is also a feature of personal level indicators, which allows you to avoid being messed with lots of unsolicited letters. Simply put, this feature allows you to focus your attention on the letters that are most important for you. You can turn this feature on by clicking on the icon of Settings (which looks like a gear icon). There, click on “Settings. In General Settings, scroll down until you will see “Personal level specifications”, where you have to select “Show indicators.

Personal level indicators

Enable the feature of personal level indicators

This is just a handful of the latest features of Gmail that provide you with an opportunity to utilize the most comfortable email service.

Take Advantage of Gmail Desktop Notifications

Google has consistently worked on the improvement of its Gmail service to deliver the most benefits to its users. One of the features that may noticeably improve and facilitate the use of Gmail service may be the feature of desktop notifications. For instance, you may find it useful when you work on some project while using your PC and awaiting an important message. Instead of opening the page with your Gmail inbox over and over, you can just enable the feature of desktop notifications and notice once a new message has arrived to your mail inbox.

There is, however, one pretty serious drawback of Gmail desktop notifications: this feature is available only for users of Google Chrome, which is essentially, alike Gmail, the browser created by Google too. Yet, there are various extensions available for users of Mozilla Firefox and Opera. By installing those extensions, the users can benefit from utilizing this feature, too.

Gmail Settings

You have to select “Settings” on the page of your email

In order to enable the feature of Gmail desktop notifications, enter your Gmail account. Once you have done it, have a look at the right-upper part of your screen and find a gear icon there. Click on it and you will see a pop-up menu, in which you have to select “Settings”. You will see the page of Settings, which must be opened in General Settings by default. That is exactly what you need.

In General Settings, scroll down until you will find the section of Desktop Notifications (approximately in the middle of the page of General Settings). Indeed, the page of Gmail Settings is quite abundant with lots of different options, but it will not take more than a minute of your time to find it. After you have found it, place a tick near one of the following options: “New mail notifications on” and “Important mail notifications on.” Whereas the first option will enable displaying any letter – including spam and annoying letters from internet shops and other websites – coming to your mail inbox, the last option may be more suitable to anyone. Indeed, it guarantees that, while avoiding getting notifications regarding unsolicited letters, you will not miss any important letters regarding any purpose.

Gmail Desktop Notifications

Choose what type of emails you wish to be notified about

Thanks to the team of Google developers, you can forget about your worries to miss an important letter while using your PC or laptop. And, what is important, you will barely find any drawback of the feature of Gmail desktop notifications (not taking into account the necessity of using Google Chrome).

How to Turn Off Gmail Mobile Notifications

If you ask a Gmail user what is his reason for using Gmail, you may hear such words as “comfortable”, “many features”, “the most popular”, “secure enough”, etc. However, you may often hear the words that express discontent from such loyal Gmail users, too. One of the most annoying features of Gmail for many users is its feature of mobile notifications, which prompts you to enter your email and read a new letter in the inbox after receiving a single new letter.

However, you can always turn this annoying feature off and enter to check your inbox only when you wish to do so. There are too few letters that need your immediate attention, and so disabling Gmail notifications will be the wisest choice. In order to get rid of the annoying mail notifications, follow the guides below.

Settings Button

Click on the “Settings” button in order to get rid of the notifications

Essentially, there are just a few differences in disabling Gmail notifications on various platforms, though we will consider all of them. In order to disable the notifications in your standard Android mail app, open it. You will see a large menu leftside, yet you have to pay your attention to the bottom part of the app. There, you will find the “Settings” button, and give a click to it. After finding the “Mail notifications” line, opt to turn it off. Now, you will not get notifications from Gmail.

Disabling Notifications

Disable the feature of Gmail mobile notifications

You can do, however, the same with the Gmail app on your iPhone. Open the application and find the “Settings” button. Give it a click and then tap “Notifications.” In the newly-opened window, you will have to select “Gmail”. After it, all you have to do is just to turn the notifications off and save the settings.

If you have faced a similar issue with your Outlook, do not lose heart. In the File tab, give a click to the “Options” button. Then, find “Mail” and click on it right below “Options.” In the newly-opened window, find a line where is written “Display a Desktop Alert” and remove a tick near it. Save the settings. Since now, you will not get any notifications regarding the new letters in your Gmail.

Indeed, there is always a risk that you can miss an important letter regarding your job or university. However, it is proved that more than 95% of notifications do inform about the letters that have barely any value. Therefore, it is much better option to check your email regularly than rush to read a new letter each time you get another Gmail notification.

You can find more information here:

The Best Plugins for Gmail

There are over a billion of Gmail users in the world, which makes this email service the world’s most popular. Therefore, it would not be a surprise that there are a lot of Gmail plugins which are aimed to make the use of the email service more comfortable and convenient. This article will disclose some of the most popular Gmail plugins.

Indeed, one of the most widely used Gmail plugins is Boomerang (, which allows its users to set the time when to send or read emails. Simply put, it is just a convenient reminder for people who have a lot of things to do and some minor things (like checking email or sending some letters) get frequently forgotten. There are free and paid versions of this plugin (you can get to know more about the pricing of this plugin on its website).


Boomerang is a Gmail plugin that appears to be quite in demand

Your signature in email conversations may always stand in good stead, especially as a means of PR or promotion. In order to be impressive enough, however, you need to create a worthy, unique signature, and you can do it with WiseStamp ( This plugin allows you to create impressive signatures and promote your company, blog or whatsoever website with their help.

Yesware ( is another popular plugin. It simply tracks what happens to your letter after it had been sent and notifies you about it. Then, you get to see that someone who received your email “opened the message”, “opened the attachment”, “clicked the link”, or “viewed the presentation.” Moreover, it shows you even the date and time when the action had been done. It is also, without any doubt, a great tool for internet marketers.


Yesware is a great means for internet marketers

Do you want to get to know who you are sending an email to? Rapportive ( will help to get you the most information about the person whom you are talking with and find out his or her accounts in social networks and Skype.

After all, Taskforce plugin, which you can find in Google Chrome Store, automatically creates a list what you need to do. Thus, you will be able to just log in to your email account and do what you need without the necessity of spending time on noting down what you will have to do in the future. Moreover, you can add people from your contact list to the tasks created by you.

This is just a handful of the most widely used and useful Gmail plugins, and you can take advantage of using (even for free!) them anytime!


What to Do With Gmail Sign In Problems

The use of email services has undoubtedly become an important part of our daily life. Thus, problems with logging in to your email account may cause certain difficulties in your personal and professional life. However, you have nothing else but to attempt to solve the issues with Gmail sign in. This article discloses the most common issues one may encounter while logging in to a Gmail. This article will be helpful if you have previously read our guide: Gmail sign up.

You will find a more developed information about Gmail sign in here: and about Gmail sign up here:

In the first place, the user has to analyze what could happen to his/her account. Question yourself: Can you properly load the website of Gmail? Does the page show any error? Are the login and password of your Gmail account correct?

How to Gmail Sign In

There are certain steps one is able to do in order to log in to the system correctly.  Open the browser and copy the link in to the address line of your browser. If you couldn’t enter there, check the status of Google and attempt to enter In such case, nevertheless, it is most likely that you have problems either with your internet (call to your internet provider in order to solve it) or with your browser. Attempt to clean the cache of your browser and enter the website again. If it does not help, try to use another browser for entering Gmail.

Gmail sign in

Make sure that the page with your mail inbox is loading properly

Another problem you can encounter when signing in to Gmail is having forgotten or lost your password. In order to solve, click on the “Need help?” button, located right beneath the large “Sign in” button. Then, you will be asked some questions, including the one about which is the last password you remember. Also, the system may offer you to regain the control over your account with the help of your mobile number. After having set up a new password, you are able to log in to Gmail again.

Another problem may be that someone has simply hacked and/or stolen your account. Google has the System of Mail Security Checklist, and you should follow it in order to ensure the “cleanliness” of your PC. In order to get your account back, attempt to complete the same procedure as if lost a password (especially it would be helpful if the email account is attached to your phone number). If that did not bring any results, apply to Google support.

And, finally, Google could just lock your account for 24 hours, leaving you unable to enter your email. That could happen if you:

  • Sent a huge number of letters that were not delivered;
  • Received, downloaded, or deleted a large number of letters within a short period of time;
  • Used browser extensions or file-storage software with the automatic Gmail sign in.

Forgotten Password

Such a message you will see if you have lost the password of your Gmail account